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Training for men 40+ Ove Rytter

Training for men 40+ Ove Rytter

Training for men 40+ Ove Rytter, sixty-four-year-old fitness expert, shows how to reach the top shape of your life even after you have passed forty!

Ove Rytter, born March 10, 1957, is a Swedish journalist and author who primarily writes about exercise and bodybuilding. Rytter is the founder of B&K Sports Magazine, which was started in 1981. He graduated as a journalist in 1980.

Ove also started the magazine Fitness Magazine, in collaboration with Bonniers, in 1996, a magazine that is primarily aimed at girls.

The latest magazine that Ove launched in 2007 is called Dagens Träningsindustri and is aimed at professionals in the industry and covers topics such as education and marketing.

For over a quarter of a century, he has inspired Swedes to start exercising and living a healthy life. Ove Rytter, 64, is the publisher who has started training magazines, published books on exercise and diet and produced videos.
”Balance in life is important, prehab is more important than rehab”, says Ove in an interview for Svenska Magasinet.

Training for men 40+ by Ove Rytter

He presents four complete programs with both exercises and training. Here are programs both for the couch potato who wants to get started and for the well-trained forty-plus who wants to hone their form further.

The detailed exercise bank contains Ove’s absolute favorite exercises – the ones he knows work and give a very strong body. There are also tests that reveal the biological age – are you fifty with a body like a twenty-five year old or forty with a body like a sixty year old?

Training for men

”I want to bring Training for men 40+ who want to get in shape on a journey. By using control stations and setting goals, they get a simpler and more effective approach to their training.
I can guarantee that the men who follow my advice in the book will thank themselves within a year. And probably their surroundings will be at least as happy. ”(Ove Rytter)

From the content: * Create your own company – Kroppen AB – and reach the shape you have always dreamed of
* Four complete body renovation programs
* Your own body budget
* Test your physiological age in just 10 minutes! *
What should I eat as a 40-plus person?

Träning för män 40+ Ove Rytter, sextiofyraårig fitnessexpert

This Mini article above is written by me, Martin ”MaXimus” who has been active in the gym industry since 1979, when I started my first gym, since 1983 I have successfully sold complete new and used gyms, and 1000s Treadmills for both commercial gyms , companies and quality-conscious individuals. About me 

Already when I met Ove Rytter for the first time at the historic Anton’s Gym in 1980, I have followed his career in the gym industry with great admiration.
Unfortunately, it is only now in my older days that I fully embrace Ove’s training philosophies and diet.
I can therefore warmly recommend all my gym friends to read Ove’s different books from cover to cover.

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Träning För Män 40+ Av Ove Rytter


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